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Samuel Robert Piccoli, aka Rob for friends and on social networks, was born the 13th November, 1950 on the Island of Maddalena—one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean—off the northeast coast of Sardinia. But his origins are nuanced. His mother—an American citizen, although her family was originally from Liguria in northwest Italy—was born in Philadelphia, PA, and his father was born near Treviso, in the northeast of Italy.

When he was very young his family moved to Rome, where he first went to school. After attending Classical High School, he studied political science for two years at the Sapienza University of Rome. He then moved to Treviso, where he eventually settled.

Rob has lived and studied in Venice and San Francisco—where he respectively attended the Ca' Foscari University (from 1972 to 1975, when he graduated with a doctor's degree in philosophy under Professor Emanuele Severino) and the San Francisco State University, where he studied English in 1980.

He has also lived in England, where he worked as night porter in a historic country house hotel in the heart of Surrey, near London, for about one year (1983).

Venice - View of the Grand Canal

Rob has been a High School teacher of History and Italian almost all his working life. Now that he has retired, he can finally spend more time doing what he loves most: writing. He is currently a contributor/columnist at Atlantico Quotidiano.

In his spare time he is a frequent global traveller, especially to Europe and USA, which he has “explored” intensively over the years. In his Twitter profile Rob describes himself as “European by birth, American by philosophy,” which after all is quite an accurate description. Perhaps it also supports the adage that brevity is the soul of wit.

Rob has always loved and practiced outdoor sports, especially trekking, skiing, kayaking, and horse riding.

He currently lives in the Venice area with his wife, Clara, his daughter, Benedetta, and their dog, Lady, a Golden Retriever that swims like a fish and is crazy about tennis balls.

Starting from June 2016 his books have been catalogued and incorporated into the collections of the Fondo Storico di Ateneo (Historic Athenaeum Fund) of Ca' Foscari University of Venice—which is part of the Italian National Library Service (SBN) promoted by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and locally managed by the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana. The books are available for consultation by scholars and students. Click here for further details.


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The Mario Baratto Magna Hall in the Ca' Foscari University of Venice The Mario Baratto Magna Hall in the Ca' Foscari University of Venice

San Francisco State University San Francisco State University

Oatland Park HotelOatland Park Hotel, Weybridge, Surrey (England)

The Dolomites: One of my most favorite places in the worldThe Dolomites: One of my most favorite places in the world!

On a mountain trip with wife, Clara--a bit overwhelmed and exhausted, but determined!On a mountain trip with wife, Clara--a bit overwhelmed and exhausted, but determined!

And this is Lady!And this is Lady!

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